2016 Passaic County Republican Candidates

Frank Feenan for Sheriff



Frank Feenan has served the people of both New Jersey and Passaic County in a variety of Public Safety Roles. When it comes to experience, Frank has it all.

Frank has lived in Passaic County his entire life, one of eight children of John and Mary Feenan, who have also lived their entire 65-year marriage within Passaic County.

Frank has been married for 20 Years to his wife Valerie, continually residing in Woodland Park with their three children.

Besides his Law Enforcement experience, Frank has served the county in a variety of different volunteer capacities; most importantly coaching youth sports for over 30 years and continue to do so presently, coaching youth basketball and little league Baseball.

Frank is also a member of St. John the Baptist Cathedral parish in Paterson and currently a member of St. Bonaventure’s Parish in Paterson.



Captain of Prosecutor’s Detectives (2006 to 2012)
Lieutenant of Prosecutor’s Detectives (2003 – 2006)
Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Unit
Extraditions/Fugitives, Domestic Violence Units

Commanding Officer of the Extradition/Fugitive Unit, Community Justice Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, and Juvenile Unit.

I was tasked with the management of numerous law enforcement and civilian personnel. Responsible for interstate and international extraditions, as well as producing all court orders/agreements pertaining to the same, including Governor’s Warrants. I supervised detectives involved in arrests for violations of Temporary and Final Restraining Orders, as well as all weapon confiscation and return relating to Domestic Violence complaints. Oversaw Community Outreach programs and supervised law enforcement personnel relating to juvenile matters.

Commanding Officer of the Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Unit.

Responsible for supervising the investigative staff relating to any and all Counter-Terrorism tips and leads received within Passaic County and any resulting investigations, both criminal and intelligence; Received, analyzed, and disseminated Intelligence to the Prosecutor’s Office and all Law Enforcement within Passaic County, through the use of multiple federal, state, local and public records data bases. Provided Intelligence products and technical assistance as requested for criminal investigations.

Frank served as the Passaic County Rapid Deployment Team Commander from September 2002 until 2010. He coordinated and designed the formation of the team. The Rapid Deployment Team consists of 130 law enforcement officers from the Prosecutor’s Office, Passaic County’s sixteen municipalities, two state universities and the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department. The core mission of this team is to serve as a force multiplier to participating jurisdictions within the UASI region, as well as creating buffer zone protection for catastrophic events. The Rapid Deployment Team is uniformly trained in Civil Disorder and Critical Asset Protection. The Passaic County Rapid Deployment Team worked cooperatively with the US Secret Service and the Washington DC Metro Police Department on the security detail for the January 2005 Presidential Inauguration.

Frank served as the Passaic County Counter-Terrorism Coordinator from 2003 until 2010. In this role, he was the liaison with all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies relating to Counter-Terrorism matters including, but not limited to tips and leads and criminal investigations on all government levels. He has worked cooperatively on all Catastrophic Event preparedness training and planning and all terrorism related grant working groups.

Frank has served as Passaic County’s “Point of Contact” for the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), a supplemental initiative and funding source involving Homeland Security Grants/Projects. In this role, he served on the nine member UASI Executive Committee, which has overseen the use of forty million dollars per year at its peak, in supplemental regional homeland security and preparedness projects.

Frank also coordinated the initial Model School Security Project for the state of New Jersey through the use of Homeland Security funding.

Frank served on US Attorney Chris Christie’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council.

Sergeant of Prosecutor’s Detectives (2001- 2003)
Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Unit

Investigative supervisor of the Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Unit; Responsible for supervising the unit’s investigative staff in conducting Child Abuse and Sex Crimes investigations. I supervised and conducted video interviews and statements as well as preparation and execution of search warrants. Provided testimony before the Grand Jury and Superior Court.

Senior County Investigator (1996 – 2001)
Organized Crime Unit

Conducted criminal investigations and gathered intelligence on Organized Crime figures, monitored wiretap interceptions, conducted surveillance operations, prepared affidavits in support of and executed Search Warrants and Arrest Warrants. I also worked as both a surface and undercover investigator.

County Investigator (1991-1996)

Organized Crime Unit, Child Abuse/Sex Crimes Unit
Responsible for conducting criminal investigations, interviewed hundreds of victims and witnesses and interviewed and interrogated suspects.

County Investigator (1990-1991)

Speedy Trial and Grand Jury Units

Terri Reicher for Surrogate


Terri Reicher, running for Passaic County Surrogate, is an experienced lawyer, a joyful wife, mother, and grandmother, and a dedicated community servant.

Join Terri in her campaign to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Surrogate’s office to ensure it is best serves the interests of Passaic County’s residents. With over 30 years experience in law in both the public and private sector, she is the best qualified candidate for the job. Please share the page and help spread the word. Thank you.


Terri graduated from graduated with honors from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and then obtained her law degree (JD) from Vanderbilt University School of Law. Terri later earned her Masters in Law (LLM) at Seton Hall University, with a specialty in health law.

Early in Terri’s career, she clerked for the Tennessee Supreme Court and the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and worked briefly for the IRS Estate and Gift Tax Division. While in private practice in Hawthorne, NJ, her transactional practice included trusts and estates, real estate, land use and health care law.

Terri has also been a leader in the ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution) community having recently completed a term as President of the the platinum designated Justice Marie Garibaldi ADR Inn of Court. She has served as officers and trustees for the NJ State Bar Association – Dispute Resolution Section of the Bar and the NJ Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM). Terri continues to serve as a faculty member training attorneys and others who wish to be designated an official court appointed mediator. Terri is a Professor at William Paterson University, Cotsakos School of Business teaching business law and contracts to aspiring accountants and future business leaders.


Terri is married to her high school sweetheart, Dr. Oscar Reicher, an orthopedic surgeon in Wayne. We moved to Northern NJ 32 years ago. They raised their three children in the Pines Lake section of Wayne, all of whom attended Wayne Hills High School. Oscar and Terri’s two sons, Eric and Larry, graduated from Princeton University and are both attorneys. Their daughter, Michelle, holds a PhD in STEM Education and is the Director of Education for an educational technology startup. Not only is she a proud mother, but a joyful grandma. Their family has three grandsons, one granddaughter and another grandson on the way.


Terri has been involved in civic and religious organizations since moving to NJ. She joined the League of Women Voter’s where she became a much requested LWV Candidates’ Night moderator. Terri was also involved in the PTO, the YMHA of Wayne and the Wayne Conservative Congregation. She has participated actively in UJA Federation, North Jersey as well as the Foundation Board of Trustees, Chilton Hospital, where Terri served in such roles as Major Gifts Chair and Professional Advisors Chair.

Soon after moving to Pompton Lakes, Terri got involved in local politics. During her tenure, she has served as liaison to most of the town’s committees, commissions and departments.

Currently, Terri is Vice Chair of our newly formed Redevelopment Agency working closely with the Pompton Lakes Business Improvement District, Chamber and Executive Director to reinvigorate our downtown. In addition, as Board of Education liaison, she regularly attends local BOE meetings.


The Surrogate has jurisdiction over the probate of wills, the settlement of estates, and the appointment and supervision of guardians. The Passaic County Surrogate is a judicial officer elected, by the people of the county, every 5 years. In addition, the Surrogate is charged with appointing guardians for minors and assisting the Superior Court in appointing guardians for incapacitated adults; as well as receiving and processing documentation for adoptions.

Steve Arienta for Freeholder


Putting the people of Passaic County first is what matters most. Only someone new can make these changes.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Steve Arienta and I am running for Passaic County Freeholder. Personally, my family settled in Paterson and Totowa in the early 1900′s. My Grandparents grew up there before serving in World War II, (Grandfather – Coast Guard – Pacific Campaign) (Grandmother – Women of the Army Corp – WAC). My father was born in Paterson, served in Vietnam (Navy) and served proudly with the Parsippany Troy-Hills Police Department. I was raised in New Jersey. I attended public schools in Parsippany Troy-Hills, and earned a football scholarship to Northeastern University to play football. I was accepted into the NYPD and proudly served until my retirement. I then moved my family to Passaic County where my children have attended and currently attend public schools. Professionally, I am an experienced law enforcement professional, leader and educator. I have spent my entire adult life dedicated to Law Enforcement and I have excelled in every endeavor which I have undertaken.

Unparalleled in Law Enforcement Experience:

As an Organized Crime Detective from the NYPD I have served in the Organized Crime Control Bureau and the Organized Criminal Investigations Division (an elite, selected unit of the NYPD). During my years of experience there, I have led some the most productive and successful narcotics teams in the NYPD. I have conducted city, state, national and international cases. I have cultivated successful working relationships with many Federal Law Enforcement agencies such as the Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Agency, Customs and Border Patrol (Homeland Security) and the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms Agency.

As a case leader, I have had the pleasure of managing anywhere from 450 to 600 of the best detectives in the world. I also initiated several programs while in my tenure that have been proven to be effective both in fighting crime, but also in cost effectiveness. My experience runs the gambit.
Extensive undercover operations experience
Integral part in over 5,000 arrests
Conducted over 2,000 search warrants
Confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars in U.S currency, vehicles, real estate, etc.

Leadership Experience in:

Manpower deployment
Equipment allocation
Internal Auditing Procedures
Grant writing to appropriate funds


Awarded 2 Meritorious Duty Medals
13 Excellent Police Duty Medals
Unit Commendation (top unit selected for casework in NYPD out 37,000 officers)
Commander Days for actions during my tenure.
I have the experience and leadership abilities that Passaic County needs and deserves!

A Dedicated Educator Making a Difference
“I am firm believer that education is the great equalizer in life.”
I am proud of my educational background. I earned a football scholarship to Northeastern University and this began my lifelong love of learning.

My educational background is as follows:

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
Masters of Science in Criminal Justice
Attended Widener School of Law
I am currently obtaining my Doctorate in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law and Policy
My commitment to education was the driving force behind my decision to enter into a career in academia to help prepare the future American leaders of tomorrow. As a College Professor, I have educated thousands of students. I have taught and organized the following:

Criminal Justice
Drugs and the Justice System
Organized Crime
Organized the American Criminal Justice Association-SUNY Westchester Criminal Justice Club. The courses that have been created and designed specifically to teach citizens of the United States the proper laws and procedures. I believe that access to education and the willingness of Law Enforcement to work hand in hand with the community they serve helps bridge the gap between the citizens of the US and the Law Enforcement Community. As seen in recent newscasts, the division that exists has led to death, turmoil, and distrust. This can be overcome with education and I am an expert in initiating programs that help bridge that gap.

I have always been a person that stands for those that need and want their voice heard! I am a leader that respects and honors the voices of all. After careful consideration and reviewing the systemic problems of our county, I feel that my experience, views, and values would best serve the people of Passaic County as a Freeholder.

Freeholders are given a tremendous responsibility. The responsibility of providing services for the residents of the county and ensuring the residents of Passaic County are heard. Our current board is represented in a one sided view. There is no opposition to the out of control spending. No representation for those that are being forced from their homes due to tax increases. No representation for the ones that have lost relatives and friends due to our drug epidemic. Our county needs and deserves better. Our county needs A LEADER! One that has the ability to voice the concerns of all residents, not just a select few. I am your voice. I am your advocate. I am the candidate that will always do what’s right for your family. I will increase the quality of life for all residents. I will bring opposition to a budget that requires our residents to pay more and get less! I will end the status quo that is in place in our county. Our homes have lost value yet our taxes continue to go up! A budget that allows 70+ million dollars to go to the sheriff’s department but only 19 million to our community college and education! I believe education is the greatest equalizer! Obviously, the current freeholder board which is comprised of ALL DEMOCRATS does not. We need to initiate change that matters and change that works! Let me be that paradigm!

Tafari Anderson for Freeholder


In early March I received a call from several of my colleagues urging me to seek the office of Freeholder for Passaic County as a “strong supporter for our children”. Out of concern for my Clifton Board of Education involvement, I needed to explore and seek clarity of any potential conflict with holding dual positions. The research has been concluded and I was informed by an attorney that I could hold both positions if I was to be elected. After prayerful consideration and family discussions I have decided to accept this challenge before me.

Being actively involved in civic and political issues, I have sought to create effective change in Republican Party platforms. I have served on the local, county, and state level upholding our conservative values in multiple leadership positions and believe that it was important to provide the people of Passaic County with a choice. My family and I now feel that the time has come once again for me to offer myself as a servant of the community and the public arena. I am hopeful that I can bring some of those common sense ideas straight from the heart of the people to the office of the Passaic County Freeholder as your voice.

As you may know, I have also been actively involved in creating change in our community through working with the school districts across the county as the president of the Passaic County School Boards Association. Through various committees I feel we have made some progress, but our victory is faint. My hope is to bring education to the forefront of the issues. I believe there are workable solutions available that will enhance our children’s learning achievements without creating a hardship for taxpayers. I would once again like to see Passaic County become top in its class in education and innovation emphasizing on academics rather than attitudes and social agendas. My Friends, we have been hurt for too long by the inequity and double taxation of Passaic County Technical Institution; which have drained our local districts of well needed funding. It is my goal to see education once again setting the standard for our county with a dual enrollment program for an associate’s degree and a high school diploma a priority and not “government jobs”.

Another area of interest is the tax burden and abusive use of bonds on the residents of Passaic County by the current freeholder board. We are taxing our best natural resources right out of this state…”Our Residents”. Young families must be able to do more than survive financially; they must be allowed to prosper. My Friends, most of our seniors struggle to make ends meet living on the social security they receive and we cannot allow this to continue. Finally, I refuse to believe that the current heroin and opioids epidemic is too far gone. We need to find ways to help families that face these addictions by bringing in creative programs that will rid our community of these issues.

I am excited at the possibility of serving the people of this great county. Before I can serve you, “the community” I must launch a very aggressive campaign along with my running mates we face opponents that are quite set in their political ways. They have been in office for far too long. Due to the peculiar layout of Passaic County, the cost of a campaign, this large landscape has made it difficult for my predecessors to be competitive making the previous elections extremely difficult. My Friends, this is one more reason I feel strongly that I must step forward and offer the voters of Passaic County a choice.

In order to be successful in this endeavor it will take a very strong and dedicated grassroots organization. I believe the voters of Passaic County will step forward with my family and friends in a united volunteer effort. As you may have guessed we’re already hard at work building a winning strategy of our own to make this the most competitive election yet. We are expecting that volunteers will come out in a united front by canvassing their community, knock on doors, placing yard signs and participate in many upcoming events.